(Android and iOS) How to visualize the mission results with Pix4D Cloud

After capturing a dataset with Pix4Dcapture, it is possible to upload it on the cloud, fully process it and visualize, download and share the results. An email will be received when the processing is completed. To reach the project page in Pix4D Cloud, either click the link sent by email or:

1. Log in with a Pix4D User Account or Sign up at https://cloud.pix4d.com.


2. Select the project to be visualized in the cloud.


Once on the project page, two different views are available.

  • 3D: It displays the 3D Textured Mesh directly view on a browser. WebGL is required but should be enabled with most browsers such as the latest version of Android Chrome. When visualizing it from the device, drag to rotate, use two fingers to translate and pinch to zoom. If it is accessed from a computer, a WebGL enabled browser is also needed. Use the left mouse button to rotate the model and the right mouse button to pan the model.

  • 2D: In the 2D view the orthomosaic and the DSM are displayed on top of a road or satellite map when the project has image geolocation. By default the orthomosaic is displayed when a project is selected. In order to see DSM, tick DSM box. In this view distance and area measurements can be performed.

The images and the generated outputs can be downloaded clicking on the  Download button in the top right corner. The results can be opened in Pix4D Desktop by downloading the results folder. For more information here: How to download results from the cloud.

To share the results click on the  Share button. An external link and an HTML embedded link will be created including the annotations and changes that were made. 

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