How to generate 3D models with Parrot Bebop 2

In order to generate 3D models with the Bebop 2:

1. Use Pix4Dcapture to prepare the flight plan and fly the drone. The choice of the flight plan depends on the area/terrain.

  Grid flight Circular flight Free flight
Terrain Land, Multiple buildings, Large areas. Small areas, Single building. Areas with many obstacles.
Flight altitude Fly above highest obstacle (buildings, trees, etc.). Fly above building.  
Tips Large areas: perform multiple flights at the same altitude to extend the area. When flying low make sure there are no obstacles and remember the GPS data will not be as accurate because of satellite visibility.

For good building reconstructions merge two or more circular flights at different altitudes. For an example with step by step instructions: Merging projects.

Fly slow enough to ensure that images are captured with sufficient overlap.

2. Once the flight is completed process the dataset. There are 2 options for processing:

a. Cloud processing:

Use Cloud processing to get a quick preview of the 3D model. Use full resolution upload for better results. For more information on how to get the quick 3D preview: Pix4Dcapture - Getting Started.

b. Desktop processing:

Transfer the captured images, the .p4d file and the result folders to a computer and use Pix4D Desktop for local processing: (Android, iOS) How to transfer and process images after the mission

3. If needed, improve the results by either:


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