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Access: On the Menu bar, click View > Log Output. The Log Output bar is displayed at the bottom of the main window. For information about the displayed bars: Displaying bars.

The Log Output bar displays useful information about the processing of the project. It describes the steps and substeps of processing, the actions taken, the warnings and the errors during the processing.     

  • Pix4Dmapper exports the log file (project_name.log). It is stored at the output folder project_name
  • The log file displayed at the Log Output bar is cleared each time that Pix4Dmapper closes. The next time that the software will be opened, the log file will start registering the different actions from scratch. 

It consists of the following:

  • Levels drop-down list: Allows to define the level of details of the log displayed on the main window.
  • Options drop-down list: Allows to set the displaying options for the log on the main window. 
  • Search Engine: Allows to search for specific text / numbers in the log displayed on the main window. 
  • Clear Log: Clears (deletes) the log displayed on the main window.
  • Main window: Displays the log. 
  • Help: It opens Pix4Dmapper Help.



There are the following levels of details:

  • [Info]: Displays general information that is printed in the log file. The text is displayed in black.
Example: It displays the used version of Pix4Dmapper: [Info]: Version = <2.2.15>.
  • [Warning]: Displays the processing warning messages that are printed in the log file. The text is displayed in yellow.
Example: [Warning]: Some geotags were invalid and therefore removed.
  • [Error]: Displays the processing error messages that are printed in the log file. The text is displayed in red.
Example: [Error]: Failed to open file <file_directory>!.
  • [Processing]: Displays the processing steps and substeps that are printed in the log file and their status. The text is displayed in green.
Example: [Processing]: Substep Camera calibration started.
  • [UI]: Displays the actions that the user does in the User Interface. The text is displayed in blue.
Example: It displays [UI]: Open Results Folder clicked, when the user clicks the button Open Results Folder...



There are the following options:

  • Full Headers: It displays the full headers (Date, Time, % RAM, % CPU).
  • Wrap Lines: It wraps the lines when the main window is too small.


Search Engine

It allows to search for specific keywords, characters of numbers. The results of the searching are displayed in the main window.


Clear Log

It clears (deletes) the log that is displayed in the main window.

  • The log file stored at the output folder project_name will not be deleted.
  • The Clear Log action can not be retrieved. Once the log is deleted from the main window, there is no way to bring it back.


Main window

It displays the log. The displayed information depends on the selected Levels and Options. If a keyword, character or number is used in the Searching Engine, the displayed log shows only the strings that contain these elements.

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