How to generate the 3D Textured Mesh from a portion of the Point Cloud

It is possible to generate the 3D Textured Mesh from a portion of the point cloud once step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh has been completed. To do so:

1. In the rayCloud, draw a Processing Area202560179.
2. On the menu bar, click Process > Processing Options...
3. Select the processing step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh.
4. Select the tab 3D Textured Mesh.
5. In the section Generation, select Generate 3D Textured Mesh.
6. (optional) Change the values for Maximum Number of Triangles and/or Texture Size. For more information: 202557799.
7. (optional) In the Export section, select the desired output formats to be generated (.ply, .fbx, .dxf, .obj, .pdf). For more information: 202557799.
8. (optional) Click Select... to select a logo to be displayed in the 3D PDF file that will be generated (.jpg and .tif formats are accepted).
9. Click OK.
10. On the menu bar, click Process > Generate 3D Textured Mesh.
11. On the pop-up window, click Save and the processing will start.


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