The DSM (Digital Surface Model) is a 2.5 D model of the mapped area. It can be exported as two different types of files:

  • Raster .geotiff.
  • Vector point cloud (.xyz, .las, .laz).

Each pixel of the raster geotiff file and each point of the vector point cloud contain (X,Y,Z) information. They do not contain color information.

Figure 1. DSM

For each (X,Y) position, the DSM has only 1 Z value (the altitude of the highest point for this (X,Y) position). This is why it is considered to be a 2.5D model.

Example: The edge E in the following image has 2 vertices with different altitude values (Z2>Z1). In the DSM this edge will only be shown as the point (X,Y,Z2).


House - Side view House - Top view - DSM
Figure 2.

For more information about how to visualize the raster DSM file: 205084685

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