(Android, iOS) Is Internet connection needed to use Pix4Dcapture?

Internet connection is needed in the following cases:

  • To sign up in the app and create a Pix4D account.
  • To log in the app.
  • To upload to the cloud for processing.
  • (DJI) The first time that the app is opened to get the DJI SDK.
  • (DJI) From time to time when opening the app to get again the DJI SDK.


Information: Internet is not required to load the base map.
  • (Android) It is possible export and permanently save the background of several missions.
  • (iOS) It is possible to temporary cache 100 MB on the device memory to save the background of the current mission.
These maps are loaded when there is no Internet connection. For more information: 115002056523.


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