How to measure Distances in the 3D PDF

The 3D PDF of the 3D Textured Mesh generated by Pix4Dmapper can be used to make measurements.

  • To make measurements, the project needs to be georeferenced (image geolocation or GCPs) or scaled (205360375).
  • To make accurate measurements, it is recommended to measure distances in the point cloud in the rayCloud. For more information about how to make measurements in the rayCloud202560309.
Warning: Measurements should not be done in the 3D Textured Mesh. Measurements done in the point cloud are more accurate.
Note: For more information about how to generate the 3D Textured Mesh: 202560669.

To measure distances of the 3D Textured Mesh in the 3D PDF:

1. Open the 3D PDF with Adobe Reader.

Note: To download Adobe Reader click here.

2. Right click on the 3D Textured Mesh, go to Tools and click 3D Measurement Tools.

3. Right click on the model and click Define Model Units.
4. Select the model unit(s) in the drop down menu and click OK.

5. Left click on the model to mark the first vertex of the measurement and left click again to close the object. The measurement appears above the line that was drawn.



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