Index Map

Pix4Dmapper allows to work with several well-known indices such as NDVI or to create custom indices. For more information: 202560489.

To each index is associated an index map. For each pixel on this map, the value of the pixel is derived from the associated reflectance maps. 

Example: Consider the custom index with formula (red-NIR)/(green +1) and a fixed pixel. Say the associated pixel in the reflectance maps has the following values:
  • Pixel value in the red reflectance map: 0.4.
  • Pixel value in the NIR reflectance map: 0.6.
  • Pixel value in the green reflectance map: 0.1.
The value of this pixel in the index map is (0.4-0.6)/(0.1+1)=-0.18.
For more information about how to generate index maps: 202560529.
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