Practical knowledge

Can hyperspectral images be processed?

Hyperspectral cameras work in different ways:

Capturing 1 line images

Pix4Dmapper cannot process 1 line images.

Capturing images by scanning one line at a time

These cameras scan the area in order to take pictures: they take 1 line images, that they combine in order to generate 1 picture of many lines. Such capturing adds problems due to the scanning effect (similar to the rolling shutter effect). It is recommended to use the Linear Rolling Shutter model for such cameras: How to correct for the Rolling Shutter Effect

Other things to consider:

  • Depending on the method used to compose the images, Pix4Dmapper could work with them or not.
  • The distance between the lines should always be the same.

Capturing the whole image in one shot (not scanning)

Pix4Dmapper can work with such cameras. When importing the images, Pix4Dmapper will detect the number of bands. Pix4Dmapper does not need to work with all bands for the keypoints extraction; it should work with the bands that have higher contrast. These bands should have high processing weight. To set the correct weights: Menu Project > Image Properties Editor... > Selected Camera Model > Edit Camera Model.

Example: For agriculture fields the green and the red band normally have a high contrast. The following weights (the sum should always be 1) can be tried: Green= 0.7, Red = 0.3.