Error: "Cannot find 'LibSURE.dll'. Please, re-install this application"


Cannot find 'LibSURE.dll'. Please, re-install this application.



This message appears after installing the software when the software is opened.



Pix4D Desktop, like any other software, uses various third-party components that are installed at the same time than the software.

LibSURE.dll is one of this components and for various reasons the Pix4D Desktop does not find it. This error, which is not very common, occurred in some of the following situations:

  • Brand new Windows installed on the computer.
  • Using a Mac computer with dual boot.
  • File not correctly saved during installation. LibSURE.dll should be located in the folder where the software is installed.



The issue can be solved either by:

  • Rebooting the computer and uninstalling/reinstalling Pix4D Desktop.
  • Updating the operating system with the last updates.
  • Upgrading to Windows 8.
  • Using a different computer if possible.



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