How to convert (yaw, pitch, roll) to (omega, phi, kappa)?

Successfully converting from yaw, pitch, and roll to omega, phi, and kappa depends on several factors, including the camera's position on Earth, the output coordinate system, the definition of yaw, pitch, and roll, etc.

There are many ways to convert yaw, pitch, and roll to omega, phi, and kappa. Pix4D's preferred method is supported by the Photogrammetric Aero-Triangulation System with Independent Bundle blocks, or PATB, which was developed by Fritz Ackermann. Learn more about the PATB conversion method in the attached documents, below.

For more information about how Pix4D defines yaw, pitch, roll: How are defined yaw, pitch, roll?.
For more information about how Pix4D defines omega, phi, kappa: How are defined omega, phi, kappa?.


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