How to use Videos for Processing

  • For accurate mapping it is not advised to use videos: In most cases, the quality of the results will be inferior than those generated using still imagery. 
  • 4K videos from cameras such as GoPro 4 and DJI provide reasonable results.
  • Full HD videos are usually not sufficient to get reasonable results.

Pix4Dmapper can process videos. 

These points should be considered when using a video for processing:

1. It is suggested to use videos with high resolution, because even 4K video resolution is only 8 MP, the results may be of lower quality than using images.
2. It is possible to use videos with lower resolution, but it is recommended to acquire the video using 4K resolution. Videos with lower resolution can create a model with very low resolution or fail processing.
3. When adding the video, it is possible to use the .avi and .mp4 formats.
4. Create a project as described in: Step 2. Creating a Project but considering the following important note:

Important: When creating a project, on the wizard New Project, on the Select Images window:
1. Click Add Videos...
2. On the pop-up Select Videos, navigate to the video in .avi or .mp4 format and click Open.
3. The pop-up Video Extraction Options appears:

4. (optional) Select the value that defines the interval at which frames are extracted. By default, the value is set to 1. Below the box, the Number of extracted frames for the selected value is displayed.
5. Click OK.
6. On the wizard New Project, on the window Select Images, click Next.
7. Select the camera model. When adding a video for processing, Pix4Dmapper will obtain frames but the EXIF ID cannot be fully extracted. Therefore the camera model cannot be automatically selected and needs to be selected manually.
7.1 If the camera model is in the database: select it from the list.
7.2 If the camera model is not in the database: edit the camera model manually. For more information: How to use the Editing Camera Model Options.
8. Continue the project creation as in: Step 2. Creating a Project.

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