Pix4D outputs

What is the XML structure file?

The GCPs need to be marked on the images. Once marked, their image coordinates can be saved into a GCP image coordinates file. This allows the user to use the same GCPs marks the next time that it is needed to run the same project, without having to manually re-mark the GCPs. One of the file formats that can be imported in Pix4Dmapper is an xml structure file.

The attached file shows and example of xml structure file. It contains 2 GCPs marked on 3 images:

  • GCP1 was marked on R0079130.JPG, R0079128.JPG, R0079104.JPG images.
  • GCP2 was marked on R0079105.JPG, R0079130.JPG, R0079106.JPG images.