Pix4D outputs

How to convert a GeoTIFF File into a georeferenced .jpg File

There are the following ways to convert the geotiff orthomosaic that PIX4Dmapper generates into .jpg.

Converting with IrfranView

Using an image editor/viewer:

1. Convert (Save as...) the geotiff into .jpg using an image converter such as IrfranView. http://www.irfanview.com/.
2. Change the extension of the tfw file that Pix4D software generates to jgw.
3. Place the jpg, the jgw and the prj folder in one folder. This folder now contains the georeferenced jpg.

Converting with Goblal Mapper

Using Global Mapper (GIS commercial software):

1. Open the geotiff file in Global Mapper.
2. File > Export > Export Raster/Image Format.
3. Select JPG. Make sure that the options World File and PRJ are selected.

Converting with QGIS

Using QGIS (open-source GIS software):

The following instructions could be useful: http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions.

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