A Discovery License is activated instead of a Pro


When activating Pix4Ddesktop in a device, a Discovery is activated, instead of a payed license, even though there is a payed license assigned to the account.



The payed license is activated on the maximum amount of allowed devices. For more information: 202557939.



Important: Make sure you are connected to Internet for this procedure.

1. Open Pix4Ddesktop in a computer with a payed license activated. It is possible to see the devices in which a license is activated here.

Note: If there is no access to a device or the license is locked to a device, submit a request to support here

2. Log out to free the seat: 208469726.

Note: If the maximum amount of devices is reached, but it is needed to activate more devices, contact sales@pix4d.com. 
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