Information i9013: Unfortunately the image geolocation recorded by DJI drones is not precise enough

Important: This pop-up is specific to images captured with DJI Phantom 2 Vision and Phantom 2 Vision+. Flying other drones should not lead to this case when importing the images into the software.

The image geolocation the image EXIF is not accurate because DJI truncates some decimals when writing the coordinates. GPS milliseconds are not taken into account so several images end up with similar coordinates. Also note that these drones do not measure altitude so the elevation of the model cannot be fixed.

A solution consists in processing the images from the project file (.p4d) that is generated by Pix4Dcapture. Both planar and vertical accurate coordinates are written in the .p4d file. Our mobile app allows to autonomously control the drone, make optimal flight plans and record precise image geolocation. For more information how to get started with Pix4Dcapture: (Android or iOS) Pix4Dcapture - Getting Started.

Another option to accurately locate the model with respect to the Earth's surface is to use Ground Control Points (GCPs). For more information: Using GCPs. It is still possible to create a project from scratch without using the .p4d file generated by the app. 

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