Pix4Dmapper 1.4 Technical Release Notes

Getting Started and Manual (online) (pdf)

VersionRelease dateRelease type
1.4.46 June 5, 2015 Bug fix release
1.4.45 June 2, 2015 Bug fix release
1.4.42 May 12, 2015 Bug fix release
1.4.37 April 22, 2015 Bug fix release
1.4.28 April 8, 2015 New release


Version 1.4.46

Bug fixes

  • Project Merging
    • Merging processed projects did not work anymore for projects merged with version 1.4.37, 1.4.42 or 1.4.45. This bug introduced shifts/misalignments in the merged project.


Version 1.4.45


  • New camera model
    • CanonPowerShotELPH110HS_4.3_4608x3456 with R-G-NIR band configuration
    • UltraCamD_0.0_11500x7500 with R-G-B and R-G-B-NIR band configuration.
    • Camera model for Phantom 3 Advanced
      • FC300S_3.6_4000x3000
      • FC300S_3.6_4000x2250
    • Camera model for Phantom 3 Professional
      • FC300X_0.0_4000x3000
      • FC300X_0.0_4000x2250
    • ILCE-5100_0.0_6000x4000
  • Orthomosaic Area
    • Improved orthomosaic area editing when using images in known coordinate system and the output coordinate system is an arbitrary coordinate system.
  • Processing
    • Improved optimization at Bundle Block Adjustment during step 1. The effect of this improvement is mainly visible for projects with image geolocation acquired with very precise GPS (e.g. RTK).

Bug fixes

  • Processing
    • Fix bug where loading some TIFF images (e.g. Band-interleaved tiff) was very slow. This made processing much slower.
  • Site Calibration
    • Fix bug where the computed site calibration transformation was automatically applied to the project instead of letting the user choose to apply it or not.
    • Fix bug where the site calibration transformation was not correctly applied during Step 1. Initial Processing.
  • Outputs
    • Fix bug where some output file names where using "," instead of "." depending on the locale. All output file names now are using a "." for any locale.


Version 1.4.42


  • New camera model
    • UltraCamEaglef80_0.0_20010x13080 (RGB)
  • New coordinate systems
    • Add NAD 1983 HARN StatePlane coordinate systems.
    • Add GDM2000 coordinate systems.
    • Add KKJ / Finland zone 5
  • Input
    • Improved detection of wrong file format when importing a GCP geolocation file.
    • Improved compatibility when importing XYZ point clouds generated by other software.
  • UI
    • Display the Geoid Above Ellipsoid value with the same precision in the different parts of the User Interface.
    • Display the image position in the Map View and rayCloud for projects with images in a known coordinate system and an arbitrary output coordinate system when the transformation between those coordinate systems is known.
  • Coordinate Systems: Site Calibration
    • Add 3 options to import the site calibration transformation:
      • Loading from the processing results.
      • Importing from a file.
      • Entering the values manually.
    • Export transformation computed during processing to the folder 1_initial/params in the file with name *_image_to_output_transform.txt.
    • Display the transformation in the Quality Report.

Bug fixes

  • Processing Options
    • Fix bug for the Index Calculator Processing Options, where the output settings were not saved when saving as default.
  • Processing
    • Fix bug where processing stopped at step 2. in some cases when using a densification area.
    • Fix bug where a point cloud with duplicated points was generated when using SGM.
  • Index Calculator
    • Fix crash when generating the Colored Index Map that is larger than 5000x5000 pixels.


Version 1.4.37


  • Camera model database
    • Updates for the internal camera model database will be done automatically when available without asking the user.
  • New coordinate systems
    • KKJ / Finland zone 0 (EPSG 3386)
    • GDM200 / East Malaysia BRS0 (EPSG 3376)
  • Languages
    • New 1.4 features now available in Spanish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
  • Image Properties
    • Improvements in the UI to set the camera model bands weights.
  • Processing Options
    • New option for the SGM option when processing large frame images (> 40MP). This option allows to define the overlap between the images. If the correct overlap is given the results will be better. This option is displayed only for projects using large frame images (> 40MP).
  • Processing
    • Improved alternative processing mode to make processing faster.
    • Do not remove results when using starting the options Process > Reoptimize or Process > Rematch and Optimize. This allows the user to Cancel the processing without loosing results.
    • Improved georeferencing for projects with a very low number of images (less than 10).
  • Quality Report
    • Update Relative Geolocation Variance table in the quality report to make it more readable.
    • Don't display geolocation statistics if all calibrated images are not gelocated.
  • Outputs
    • In all parameters files generated at step 1. Initial Processing, output numbers with a fixed number of digits.
  • Index Calculator
    • Improved navigation in the view.
    • Selected region is displayed on top of overlapping regions. This allows an easier editing of the regions in the view.

Bug fixes

  • Image Properties
    • Fix bug for fisheye cameras, where optimized camera parameters were not loaded correctly when pressing the button Load Optimized Parameters in the Edit Camera Model window. The parameters loaded were wrong.
    • Fix bug where Tetracam mini MCA flight log was not imported.
  • Processing
    • Fix various crashes in step 1. Initial Processing.
  • SGM processing options
    • Fix bug where projects with oblique and nadir images were not processing.
    • Fix bug where point cloud tiles were missing.
  • Outputs
    • Fix bug in the orthomosaic GeoTIFF file that caused Global Mapper to display a warning telling that the 4th band is not specified.
  • Map View
    • Fix crashes in the Map View.
  • Index Calculator
    • Index shapefile is now saved in latitude/longitude coordinates (instead of output coordinates) in order to be able to import it into external softwares.
    • Index shapefile is now saved in 2D in order to be able to import it into external softwares. Before it was saved in 2.5D.


Version 1.4.28

What is new

  • Index calculator has been redesigned
    The Index Calculator has been fully redesigned to better fit the agriculture mapping needs. It allows to:
      • Perform radiometric adjustments: Make the indices more reliable and accurate by correcting for illumination effects using a radiometric target.
        For more information: 203891879.
      • Generate a reflectance map: A reflectance map with the desired resolution can be generated either automatically at Step 3. or from the Index Calculator right sidebar.
        For more information on the processing options to generate automatically the reflectance map at Step 3.: 203891879.


      • Automatically generate indices: Index maps based on pre-defined formulas such as the NDVI, can be generated in a single click without manual user intervention.
        For more information on the processing options to generate automatically the index map at Step 3.: 203891879.
      • Draw field bounds and compute indices per crop variety:
        For more information: 203937289.
      • Define and edit index formulas: Create and save your own formulas choosing among each available input band and generate custom index maps.
        For more information: 202558299.
      • Segment the index maps: Create the basis of your annotation map by automatically segmenting the data into multiple classes using statistical algorithms (equal area, equal spacing) based on the histogram of the index map.
        For more information on how to segment the index: 202560519.
      • Annotate the index maps for agriculture applications: Match ground observations with survey data by assigning values and annotating zones based on your decisions. This can be achieved by giving a Rate and a Description to each class.
        For more information: 204631495.
      • Export application map as shapefile (SHP): Put your data into action and import the application map directly into the tractor console or most Farm Management Software.



  • Concepts
    • Rename Guided Tour to Demo Project.
  • Inputs
    • Improved parsing of 3D Robotics flight logs
  • Outputs
    • Export image geoloaction to a file from the Image Properties Editor. For more information: 204606405.
    • Export GCP geolocation to a file from the GCP/Manual Tie Points Manager. For more information: 204606405.
  • Upload Project Files
    • Add a new tab for Sketchfab in the File Upload dialog that explains how to upload a mesh to Sketchfab.


Known bugs

  • Animation video export
    : Background does not always cover the full field of view.


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