Takeoff checks fail (iOS) - PIX4Dcapture

The takeoff pop-up displays a checklist that has to be validated before the drone can take off.
If an item of the checklist is not validated it can have two different status:

Item is currently being checked.

Check failed.

Item is currently being checked

The item is being verified. After some time, it will be validated or the check fails.

Check failed

Depending the item of the checklist, a failure can have different causes and different solutions:

Connection to drone

The app is not connected to the drone through Wi-Fi.

1. Check that the Wi-Fi connection is activated from the device.
2. Check that the range extender is turned on.
3. Restart the App and the drone if you don't find the problem.

Drone GPS

The drone is connected to less than 6 GPS satellites.

1. Wait a few seconds.
2. If possible, take off manually. The drone will detect more satellites if it is above the surrounding obstacles such as buildings.

Home point

Cause 1
The drone is not connected to enough GPS satellites to retrieve its position.

Solution 1
Verify that the Drone GPS satellites check is validated.

Cause 2
The home point is too far (more than 150m from the center of the grid).

Solution 2
1. Switch the S2 switch several times to reset the home point to the current location.
2. Select the Ignore homepoint option in the Settings.

Drone-Grid distance

The drone is too far away from the grid (more than 150 m).

Bring the drone close to the grid. It has to be maximum 150 m away from the center of the grid.


The camera is not ready to take pictures.

1. Wait or tap Cancel in the takeoff checklist pop-up and restart the mission.
2. restart the drone and the controller before starting over the mission.
3. Eventually check before in DJI GO (4) if the camera is ready and working.

Battery level

The drone or range extender battery level is not sufficient.

1. Verify that the drone's battery is charged (at least 20%).
2. Verify that the range extender's battery is charged (at least 20%).

Autopilot switch position

The switch is not in the correct position to allow automatic piloting or there is not enough GPS signal.

1. Check that the Drone GPS satellites check is validated.
2. Flip the switch of the remote controller to the correct position.
3. Wait a few seconds.

Mission upload

The mission has not been uploaded to the drone or the mission was rejected by the drone.

1. Wait. It may take a while for a long mission to be generated and uploaded.
2. If the mission has has still not uploaded, ensure that you have a strong connection with your drone and try again.
3. Restart your drone and then try again.


The drone requires calibration before it can fly.

Calibrate your drone using the drone's manufacturer app.

Firmware version

The app requires the drone's firmware to be up-to-date.

Use Parrot's FreeFlight3 app to update your drone and then try again.