How to visualize the 3D textured mesh with georeference


The 3D Textured Mesh that PIX4Dmapper and PIX4Dmatic generate is not georeferenced. It has coordinates in a local coordinate system centered around the project.

Some external viewers permit you to add the offset of this file and place the 3D Textured Mesh at its correct position. If used, the 3D Textured Mesh will have the same precision as the mesh in the rayCloud of PIX4Dmapper and the 3D view in PIX4Dmatic. 

Offset file in PIX4Dmapper

The offset of the project is generated after step 1. Initial Processing. The file is stored in the params folder under project_name\1_initial\params\

For more information about the params folder: What does the Output Params Folder contain?.

When importing the .xyz file in other software, such software will generally require a graphic interface, which datum and coordinate system is being used. In that case, it is possible to use the project_name_wkt.prj file generated in the params folder. This file contains the projection of the output coordinate system. For more information: What does the Output Params Folder contain?.

Offset file in PIX4Dmatic

The offset of the project is available after exporting the mesh as an output.

The file is stored in the params folder under project_name\exports\

For more information about the mesh generation in PIX4Dmatic: Mesh - PIX4Dmatic.

Note: The file contains the offset coordinates, but it does not store references about the coordinate system and datum defined by the selected output coordinate system in PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic.
  • In PIX4Dmapper, only the .osgb and .slpk file formats are georeferenced.
  • In PIX4Dmatic, only the .slpk file format is georeferenced.
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  • Eric Papky


    I can't get the mesh and point cloud to align. I've uploaded the .xyz file. It all seems lined up on the desktop but won't align in the cloud.

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Eric,

    Is this not aligned enough?

    (Same view/position)

    Let me know if it is satisfactory for you.

  • Raphael Atimbire



    I kindly want to know which external viewers might permit the addition of the offset file to the 3D textured mesh for a correct georeferencing? Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Raphael AtimbireYou could try meshlab. Most 3rd party Softwares should be able to import the offset file for georeferencing.

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