How to assign images to two Camera Models

It is possible to assign images taken with the same camera to two different camera models in a project in order to optimize each camera independently. 

Tip: This is useful in case of
  • Using two different cameras of the same brand. All images will have the same EXIF ID, even though they were taken with different cameras. 
  • Using the same camera to take images under different conditions (different flights at different altitudes, under different temperature), but want to process all images in one project.

In order to do so:

1. Create a new project, one per camera model, adding only the images that have been taken with this camera model.
For step by step instructions about how to create a new project: 202557309.
2. Save the projects without processing any step: 202557559.
3. Exit the projects: 202557559.
4. Create a new project by merging the sub-projects: 202558529 (see Merging Projects).
In this merged project the different camera models will be identified correctly and the images will be grouped correspondingly (one group per images captured with the same camera model).
5. Process the merged project. For more information about how to process a project: 202557519.

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