(iOS) Pix4Dcapture Release 0.2

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Warning: Many users have reported that the .p4d project file was not generated at the end of the mission. After investigation, we identified that this is due to a bug in DJI's SDK. Many users have reported that uninstalling the App and reinstalling may fix temporary the issue. As DJI is updating the SDK every week, a full fix may come soon.

VersionRelease dateRelease type
0.2.1 May 8, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.0 April 4, 2015 New beta release


Version 0.2.1


  • Upload your mission faster on the cloud by uploading half-resolution images.
  • Disable screen lock during flight.

Bug fixes

  • Update DJI SDK.
Version 0.2.0

What is new

  • Mission Manager
    New Mission Manager that allows to easily synchronize the images to the phone as well as to browse, upload, share and delete missions.


  • Set the angle for the Grid Mission
    Set the angle for the Grid Mission in the preferences.
  • New checks in the takeoff check list
    Check that the drone is at a maximum distance of 150m from the grid center. Check that the distance between the homepoint and the grid center is maximum 150m.
  • Disable screen lock during synchronization of the images from drone to phone.
  • Keep map zoom when leaving and returning to the map.
  • Keep last map when leaving and returning to the map.
  • Improved camera handling
    Display the alert that the camera is not looking down only once per flight. Camera is looking down after reaching an altitude of 50m. Camera looks forward after the mission is completed to prevent issues when landing.

Bug fixes

  • Add .p4d extension for the .p4d project file when sent by email.


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