How to remove noise from the point cloud

It is possible to correct the point cloud when it has noise or inaccurate points.

The different solutions described below can be used combined:

  • Add manual tie points (MTPs) in the noisy areas and Reoptimize. For instructions: 360000395103.
  • Rematch and Optimize. For more information: 202558309.
  • Remove noisy points in the rayCloud using the edit_points.pngEdit Densified Point Cloud. For instructions: 202560499.
  • Generate more accurate points, by changing the processing options for the point cloud, changing the minimum number of matches from 3 (default value) to 4 or 5. For more information: 202557799.
  • Fly again with higher overlap and/or better lighting.
  • Fly again in the noisy areas or capture images from a closer position, create a new project with the new images and merge both projects following: 202558529.
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