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Access: Available once step 1. Initial Processing has been completed.
Note: The Clipping Box only affects the display, not the results of any outputs of step 1. Initial Processing, the Densified Point Cloud or step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index.

In order to use the Clipping Box:

1. In the rayCloud toolbar, on the right, click the icon to display and edit the Clipping Box.

2. Resize the Clipping Box:

Using the 3D View:

Drag the balls of the Clipping Box to resize it and place it to the desired location. Click the:

    • Red balls to resize the X length.
    • Green balls to resize the Y length.
    • Blue balls to resize the Z length.
    • External blue ball to rotate the box.

Using the right sidebar:

Change the values of the different parameters. For more information about the right sidebar parameters: Menu View > rayCloud > Right sidebar > Clipping Box.

3. Click the icon to hide the Clipping Box.
4. (optional) Click the icon , to apply the Clipping Box in the 3D View and visualize only the area contained in the Clipping Box.




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  • Dominic Fillion
    • Red balls to resize the X length. Yes ok
    • Green balls to resize the Y length. Yes ok
    • Blue balls to resize the Z length. Yes ok
    • External blue ball to rotate the box. they are not the same color than the blue balls but ok
      this ball only rotate on one axis
    • How can you rotate on the second axis ?
  • Kapil (Pix4D)


    You can only rotate along the one axis, i.e. z-axis using the external blue balls. You won't be able to rotate along another axis.

  • Dominic Fillion

    Oh that is unfortunate, because I have a clipped box that is 45 degres angled from the mapped project, so I cannot use the clipping box properly

  • Dominic Fillion

    When I am doing a clipping box, I adjust the size and orientation, then clip on the icon (your number 3), then the clipping box and the properties disapear, and I have to do it all over again, is there a way to save the clipping box and hide it ? 

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Dear Dominic,

    Unfortunately there is not way to save the clipping box.

    We are really sorry about that.


  • Dominic Fillion

    So.. what is the use of that?

    My goal was to clean a render to remove any useless information and ceiling from a project, how can I make that? How can I clean some lost pixels?

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Dear Dominic,

    The clipping box is used for visual purposes. If you have a huge project and want to clean a specific area, it could be useful to have clipping box.

    Wouldn't it better for you to manually clean up the point cloud?

    Hope this will help.

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