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OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is important for the rendering of 2D and 3D vector graphics. Some features might not work if the GPU is not compatible with the necessary OpenGL version.

To verify the supported OpenGL versions of the graphic card:

  1. Download and install OpenGL Extensions Viewer (free of charge).
  2. Open OpenGL Extensions Viewer.
  3. In the Tasks menu, click Summary.
  4. Check the OpenGL version of the GPU:

    How to check opengl version

    Example: OpenGL version for the GPU is 4.6 and lower.

Important: In PIX4Dmapper, a necessary condition to visualize the Point Cloud in the rayCloud view is that the graphic card (GPU) is compatible with OpenGL 3.2. When using remote access or virtual machines you need to enable graphics adapters as mentioned in the It was not possible to initialize OpenGL article.
Tip: Check what you can do with your graphics card and process example projects - real photogrammetry datasets.


Dense point cloud.


3D textured mesh.


Digital surface model (DSM).



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