Error e0046: "Processing failed. Could not start calibration."


"Processing failed. Could not start calibration."



When processing step 1. Initial Processing, the processing stops and shows the message: e0046: "Processing failed. Could not start calibration."



The Alternative Processing Mode (202557759) is used and could not start calibrating the images because:

  • The image quality is not sufficient (blurry images, no texture, etc.).
  • There is no overlap between the images.
  • The image geolocation is not correct.



  • Verify that the image quality is sufficient. For more information: 203756115.
  • Verify that there is enough overlap between the images. For more information: 203756125.
  • Verify that the image geolocation and coordinate system is correct. For more information: 203755985.
  • Verify that at least 75% of the images have good geolocation. For more information: 203768475.
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