Can a Project processed with Pix4Dmapper be opened with Pix4Ddiscovery?

A project that has been processed with Pix4Dmapper can be opened by Pix4Ddiscovery.

Warning: If project results are generated using Pix4Dmapper Pro, save a copy of the results to a new directory before processing the project using Pix4Ddiscovery to prevent the results from being overwritten. 
Warning: A project can be opened with the same or a more recent version of Pix4Ddesktop. The project cannot be converted to a version previous to the one it was generated with. 

To open any Pix4Dmapper project, the following information is required:

  • The .p4d file of the project.
  • The output folder of the project.
  • The input images of the project.
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