Error while processing a project on Pix4Dcloud

A project may fail to be processed on Pix4Dcloud. If the problem is more related to output display (no evident failure or error message), other specific checks should be performed. For more information: Output is not displayed / feature is missing in the cloud.

Regarding the processing itself, several leads are recommended to be explored.

Inspect the input files

Check the input images, camera model parameters, and geolocation options. More information on the supported inputs in: Inputs.

Warning: Pix4Dcloud allows to process projects with minimum 6 images. When uploading the images from Pix4Dmapper, there is no warning message which is why the project fails if it does not comply with these minimum requirements.

Inspect the quality report

Note: The quality report is only available after step 1. Initial Processing is complete.

1. Go to the Files > Results section of the project.
2. Click the Quality report to download it.
3. Analyze the results. For more information: Quality Report Help.

Inspect the project files and generated outputs

Note: The list of downloadable items depends on:
    • The processing steps that are complete.
    • The selected outputs and formats.
    • The processing template applied or the type of images.

1. Open the project.
2. On the top right, click bu_download.png Download.
3. Click Export to Pix4D desktop. For more information: How to download results from the cloud.
4. Browse the output folders and check the results. For more information: Pix4D outputs with other software > by output.

(Advanced) Inspect the log file

1. Open the project.
2. On the top right, click bu_download.png Download.
3. Click Processing log to download the file.
4. Open the file with a text editor, e.g. Notepad++.

The project crashed on Pix4Dcloud servers

The project can crash on Pix4Dcloud servers due to lack of resources.

If the project was uploaded from Pix4Dmapper, try again:

  • Reducing the Processing Options for the outputs.
  • Ensuring the strictly necessary outputs are marked for their generation.
  • Defining a Processing area before uploading the project.

Check the Pix4Dmapper version

If the project is uploaded from Pix4Dmapper, ensure the Pix4Dmapper version run is the 4.5.6 or older. Projects created with the preview version 4.6.1 are not supported on Pix4Dcloud and a processing error occurs as a result.

In case Pix4Dmapper version 4.6.1 is used:

  1. If control points were present and already marked, their marks can be exported from the project in the 4.6.1 version.
  2. Downgrade the Pix4Dmapper application to its 4.5.6 stable version.
  3. Create a new project from scratch in the Pix4Dmapper version 4.5.6 or older.
  4. (Optional) Add the GCPs and import the marks exported beforehand.
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  • Anders Modén

    In some cases the selected camera calibration method fails wich will end up in a agarbage model even if all input images are fine. The same data used in the desktop version using alternate camera calibration works just fine


  • Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi Anders,

    Pix4D cloud uses the default 3D maps template if you are using Pix4Dmapper. The calibration method in this template is standard calibration. However, for certain projects (where the land is homogeneous, features are very few: agriculture, sand, forests etc), alternative calibration works best. So if you are processing a project which is homogeneous, it is best that you start the project in desktop, change the processing options and then upload the project to the cloud (from desktop): In that case, Pix4D will use the processing options you had selected.

    Edited by Momtanu (Pix4D)
  • Pedro Towers

    Hello Momtanu , can you help me solve my problem , I think this is exactly the issue I am problem ID is 67050. We have two SONY A65v Cameras , and some time ago we tryed and succeded making a mosaic out of it. Now, in this second test, we are not able to do so. Our cameras are geotagging correctly, and we have good overlap. what can be wrong with this.?

  • Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi Pedro,

    I worked with your dataset yesterday and could make it work. You will need Pix4Dmapper for this dataset if you are processing in fields cloud. In your case, Pix4D is reading the EXIF from the images (I ran the project with the default camera that was getting detected and the project failed). I have used SLT-A65V_28.0_6000x4000 from the database and ran step 1. It processed successfully. So he will need to start the project in desktop (as there is no option to change edit the camera model in the cloud), use image properties editor to change the camera model to the database one:

    All the images got calibrated but there was 300% difference in optimized camera parameters. Thus I loaded optimized parameters and processed step 1 again. I have processed only step 1 to save time. But step 2 and 3 should process successfully. Thus you cannot use pix4dfields cloud only as it will process with the default ag RGB template and the camera detected cannot be edited. You will need mapper.




  • Pedro Towers

    Hello Momtanu, thanks for your help. We could calibrate our camera and make both the point cloud and mesh from the image data set. The new issue is that when we try to process the mosaic, we cannot tick on the option to generate and export the mosaic, DTM and other products of part 3 of processing. How can we overcome this issue?



    The message says (not available with this edition). That means we make some mistake or that it is not allowed in trial version to get mosaic, and DTM?

  • Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi, It means you are using Pix4D discovery which does not include all the functionalities. You can use the trial version of Pix4Dmapper, it will have all the functionalities of the software. This is how you can get a trial: If you are unable to get a trial, you can reach out to us and we can activate a trial license for you. Thanks :-)

  • Angel Belzunce

    Hola, estoy teniendo problemas procesando un trabajo de unas 2000 fotografías en el cloud. No me realiza en trabajo completo.

    Cada vez que lo subo me da un resultado diferente.

    A que puede deberse?

  • Alice (Pix4D)

    Hola Angel,

    ¿Te refieres al último proyecto que subiste a tu cuenta de Cloud? Creo que las imágenes del proyecto están dañadas. Además, ¿qué quiere decir con "Cada vez que lo subo me da un resultado diferente"? Estas sobrescribiendo el proyecto cada vez? En este caso no puedo ver las diferencias en los diferentes proyectos.


  • Conrad Wright

    Our processing error relates to a series of new ALTUM datasets, but we cannot find anything wrong in the logs or the report.  We simply have no outputs.  We have emailed support but not heard anything.  Could you help us investigate the problem?  

  • Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi Conrad, Can you let us know the ticket number? We can have a look. You could also provide your email ID and project name here.

  • Jose Jesus Castro Jimenez

    Hola, podrían apoyarme en saber porque marca error mi proyecto en Cloud? El archivo LOG no indica errores o algo parecido.

  • Alice (Pix4D)

    Hola José Jesus,

    ¿Podría reprocesar con la siguiente opción de procesamiento de la nube de puntos y decirme si resuelve el problema?

    • Densidad de los puntos -> "Baja (Ràpido)"
    • Deseleccione "Multi escala"

    Espero que esto ayude.


  • Jose Jesus Castro Jimenez

    Hola Alice,

    Puedo hacer esos cambios en "Cloud" o los hago en mi aplicación de escritorio y vuelvo a subir el proyecto?


  • Alice (Pix4D)


    Simplemente cambie las opciones de proceso en la versión de escritorio y suba el proyecto a la nube para procesarse de nuevo.

  • Drone Services Canada Inc

    Cloud Processing failed.

    Here is the log file:

    [2019.08.12 12:23:19][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Info]: Fixing invalid image path: <D:/_Client Files/2019/DS-190806A-FRVL/Data/Exterior/Full Site> -> </tmp/pix4dmapper/project-526506> ...
    [2019.08.12 12:23:19][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Info]: OS Power Save: Disable
    [2019.08.12 12:23:19][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Info]: replace camera vector filenames /tmp/pix4dmapper/project-526506/ds-190806a-frvl full site inspection/1_initial/project_data/result_cameras_full_1.p4b
    [2019.08.12 12:23:20][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Info]: OS Power Save: Enable
    [2019.08.12 12:23:20][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Error]: Information i0023: Some of the image paths stored in the project ds-190806a-frvl full site inspection cannot be found.
    [2019.08.12 12:23:20][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Error]: Select a new image directory for the image D:/_Client Files/2019/DS-190806A-FRVL/Data/Exterior/Dome S/DS-190806A-FRVL Dome S EXT (1).JPG.
    [2019.08.12 12:23:20][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Error]: Error e0400d: Cannot open project /tmp/pix4dmapper/project-526506/ds-190806a-frvl full site inspection.p4d. Some of the image paths cannot be found.
    [2019.08.12 12:23:20][ 3%RAM][ 1%CPU][Error]: Failed to load project file.

  • Holden (Pix4D)

    Hi there. If I understand you are trying to open a project processed on the cloud locally, correct? This looks like some of the images are missing. Can you look at how many images are on the cloud project and how many files are in the local image directories? Are they named the same?

  • Tristan Steventon

    I have recieved this error while processing in the cloud platform, it appears to have run out of disk space Project has 3922 images so just short of the 4000max, is there something that we can do to fix this


    [2020.06.14 21:57:09][ 38%RAM][ 3%CPU][Warning]: Warning w9020: GDAL Error <3> Free disk space available is 240277647360 bytes, whereas 361379472900 are at least necessary. You can disable this check by defining the CHECK_DISK_FREE_SPACE configuration option to FALSE.
    [2020.06.14 21:57:09][ 38%RAM][ 3%CPU][Error]: Merge tiles: failed to write tile!
    [2020.06.14 21:57:09][ 40%RAM][ 2%CPU][Error]: Merge DSM tiles failed!

  • Blaž (Pix4D)

    Hi Tristan, the error that you receive shows that the calibration was successful but the processing stopped after the dense point cloud was generated. 

    If you are uploading from the Pix4Dmapper, then you can change the Processing Options to generate fewer 3D Points or introduce a processing area before uploading the project for processing on Pix4D Cloud. This will reduce the number of generated points and probably fix the issue that you face. 

  • Danilo Zinader

    Olá estou na versão trial. Meu projeto tem 2300 imagens e está a 24horas em processamento. A mensagem que aparece é para aguardar que um email será enviado quando o processamento finalizar. A dúvida é se meu projeto será processado e devo aguardar ou se o processamento excedeu o número de imagens na versão trial? grato!

  • Beata (Pix4D)

    Olá Danilo,

    Os usuários de trial podem processar 1000 imagens e / ou criar 3 projetos durante o período de experiência. Seu projeto consiste em 1300 imagens e excede a cota permitida. Você poderia tentar com um projeto menor? Mais informações sobre o subsídio podem ser encontradas em Pix4Dcloud - FAQ.


  • Susan Myers

    Please let me know what is going wrong so I can get this project to process properly in the cloud.  I have attempted to upload this project both prior to running Step 1, and again after running Step 1 using Pix4Dmapper (4.6.1).  I am attempting to upload for cloud processing and once it gets uploaded, shortly after I receive an email telling me it will take 4.5 hours to process, I receive a subsequent email telling me the project has failed due to an unknown cause. None of the suggestions provided in the article above appear to be the cause. Could it be because I am using a "deprecated" coordinate system for GCPs and Output?  Or...I am just now reading about problems with using the latest version of Pix4Dmapper (4.6.1) - and this may be the reason the project uploads are failing?  Do I need to install Pix4Dmapper 4.5.6 instead in order to get the project upload to work properly?

    Please help me figure out what I need to do differently so the project will process properly in the cloud and not crash.

    Attempting to upload a project of:

    - Fewer than 1000 images.

    - Areas have sufficient overlap. 

    - Image quality is good. 

    - Quality Report from Pix4Dmapper processing Step 1 shows great summary and quality results:


    Camera Model Name(s) FC6310_8.8_5472x3648 (RGB)
    Average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) 1.01 cm / 0.40 in
    Area Covered 0.043 km2 / 4.2837 ha / 0.02 sq. mi. / 10.5907 acres
    Time for Initial Processing (without report) 55m:50s

    Quality Check

    Images median of 53618 keypoints per image
    Dataset 768 out of 768 images calibrated (100%), all images enabled
    Camera Optimization 0.3% relative difference between initial and optimized internal camera parameters
    Matching median of 10506.9 matches per calibrated image
    Georeferencing yes, 7 GCPs (7 3D), mean RMS error = 0.034 US survey foot

    Coordinate System

    Image Coordinate System WGS 84 (EGM 96 Geoid)
    Ground Control Point (GCP) Coordinate System NAD_1983_StatePlane_Nebraska_FIPS_2600_Feet (deprecated) (EGM 96 Geoid)
    Output Coordinate System NAD_1983_StatePlane_Nebraska_FIPS_2600_Feet (deprecated) (EGM 96 Geoid)

    Processing Options

    Keypoints Image Scale Full, Image Scale: 1
    Advanced: Matching Image Pairs Aerial Grid or Corridor
    Advanced: Matching Strategy Use Geometrically Verified Matching: no
    Advanced: Keypoint Extraction Targeted Number of Keypoints: Automatic
    Advanced: Calibration
    Calibration Method: Standard
    Internal Parameters Optimization: All
    External Parameters Optimization: All
    Rematch: Auto, no

    Thank you!  :)

    Edited by Susan Myers
  • Alice (Pix4D)

    Hi Susan,

    As you correctly noticed, Pix4Dcloud does not support projects uploaded from the Pix4Dmapper preview version 4.6.1. Uploading with this version would trigger a processing error. Recreating the project with version 4.5.6 and uploading it again would solve the issue. Notice that GCP marks can be exported and imported from one version to another, more information in How to export the marks of GCPs/Manual Tie Points in the GCP/MTP Manager.

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