Error while Processing a Project on the Cloud

A project may fail to be processed on Pix4D Cloud. Possible causes and solutions:

1. Processing options are not selected when uploading a project from Pix4D Desktop. 

  • Verify that all steps of processing are selected for a project to be processed on the cloud: 202558589

2. Some outputs are not displayed

  • Download and inspect the Quality Report: 202558689
  • Download the outputs or the generated results. 
    • Click the download project button download_cloud.png. Depending on the solution (Pix4Dmapper, Pix4Dbim, Pix4Dag, Pix4Dmodel), a list of available files to download appears.
    • Click Export to Pix4D Desktop (.ZIP) to download a full set of project outputs: 115000707003.
Note: Depending on the dataset and the processing resources, the results of a project might not be displayed due to the size and/or more complex geometry of the outputs. This is indicative, as processing depends on the image resolution, image content, overlap between images and chosen processing options.

3. The image quality is not sufficient. 

  • Verify the quality of the dataset: 203756115.





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