Practical knowledge

Does Pix4D offer stereo-viewing options?

Pix4D does not offer stereo-viewing options.

Pix4D Desktop products however offer the rayCloud. The rayCloud is a tool that can replace the stereo-viewing functionality. This is because the rayCloud combines the 2D input images and the 3D output point cloud in real time.

Example: A drawing (consisted of polylines) could be drawn in 3D environment (based on the point cloud) and it is projected on the input images in real time. This projection helps the user to understand if the drawing is good or not and improve it. The user can, similarly, detect problems when distances are measured or points are marked.

In case that stereo-viewing is necessary, Pix4D Desktop exports very accurate camera parameters (internal and external) and undistorted images that can be used by other traditional photogrammetric software such as Inpho. For more information about how to import Pix4D outputs into Inpho: How to import Pix4Dmapper Outputs into Inpho