Use of the GPU in Pix4Dmapper


Pix4Dmapper leverages the power of Nvidia GPUs for faster processing.

The speed increase depends highly on the project, the number of images, the image size, and the image content. For example, with a GTX 970 a speedup between 10% and 75% on step 1. Initial Processing, and around 10% in step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh was observed. As a rule of thumb, projects with high overlap, high image content and thus with a high number of keypoints benefit more from the speedup.


Minimum requirements for CUDA speedup

Nvidia GPU (GTX, Mobile, Tesla, Titan, Quadro) with at least 2GB RAM, supporting CUDA 9.1 with the latest driver installed (starting at least from 343).


Recommended GPU

GTX 750, GTX 970 (around 200-400$), GTX 1060, 1070, 1080 with latest driver installed.


How to enable GPU processing

If a GPU with CUDA support is automatically detected, it will be automatically used for processing.

The use of the GPU can be enabled or disabled in the Processing Options:

1. In the Menu Bar, click Process > Processing Options...
2. Select Resources and Notifications.
3. In the Maximum Resources Available for Processing section, select or unselect the GPU device. 




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