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How are the camera settings taken into account? - PIX4Dcapture

Your drone will capture .jpg images to ensure that they are supported by Pix4D's image processing engine. Pix4Dcapture will set your camera's exposure settings depending on your drone's manufacturer.


The camera's exposure settings are set to automatic so that the images are optimally captured to ensure a good reconstruction.


  • White balance: Automatic. This parameter adjusts for each image.
Tip: More flexibility is possible:
    • (Android) Changing the while balance in DJI GO (4) will apply during the flight with the app.
    • (iOS) Selecting the white balance as automatic, sunny or cloudy directly in the settings of the app.
  • ISO (auto, 100, 200, etc.): Automatic.
  • Sharpness: Standard.
  • Contrast: Standard.
  • Exposure compensation: Default.
  • Resolution: Maximum.


  • Anti-flicker (video): Automatic.
  • Exposure metering (average/center/point): Center.
Important: Changing the camera settings in DJI GO, or DJI GO 4 should be effective in the Android app (only, not iOS for now) but it is not guaranteed as it was not extensively tested. It also depends on the drone, camera, and type of mission. The aperture and exposure time are automatically set by DJI but can be adjusted and should be taken into account. These settings impact the sharpness of the image.

Parrot Bebop 2

The camera settings that are taken into account in the Android or iOS app are those defined in Parrot FreeFlight 3.