(iOS) Pix4Dcapture Release 0.1

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VersionRelease dateRelease type
0.1.4 March 17, 2015 Bug fix release
0.1.3 February 6, 2015 Bug fix release
0.1.2 January 26, 2015 Bug fix release
0.1.1 January 07, 2015 New beta release



Version 0.1.4 


  • Update Mapbox to correctly display background maps.



Version 0.1.3 


  • Interface
    • Update Mapbox to version 1.5.0
    • Display on the map an marker for the drone that shows its position and orientation.
    • Launch mission without internet connection.
    • Improve User Interface (settings, pop-up windows, drone battery display, etc.)
    • Improve checklist before takeoff.
    • Change mission folder name to Mission_XXXXX (e.g. Mission_00101).

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug to ensure that the connection with the drone is stable.
  • Fix bug where the camera settings were not automatically set. Now the App sets automatically the camera settings such that they are optimal for mapping.
  • Fix UI display issues on iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S.



Version 0.1.2 


  • Interface
    • Visualize what the camera sees.
    • Control gimbal rotation.
    • Display drone speed.
    • Display on the map the location where pictures were acquired.
    • Display on the map the drone home location.
    • Add possibility to abort download of pictures.
    • Display information about the drone if it is connected before launching the application.
  • Flight management
    • Check if S1 button is in right position to start mission.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where the flight speed set in the preferences was not used for flight.
  • Fix battery level display, where a wrong level was displayed.
  • Fix bug where map was not cached and lost when internet connection is lost.



Version 0.1.1 

Pix4Dmapper App allows to turn a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ into a mapping and measuring tool by defining autonomous mapping flights.

  • Select an area for mapping.
  • Start a fully autonomous mission.
  • Images are taken automatically and are geo-tagged.
  • Interrupt mission at any time in case of danger.
  • Transfer images to your computer.
    • Generate Pix4Dmapper project file, which can be shared by email or get with itunes
  • Convert images into maps and 3D models using Pix4Dmapper on your PC or on the cloud.



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