(Android) Pix4Dcapture Release 0.2

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VersionRelease dateRelease type
0.2.7 April 2, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.6 March 23, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.5 February 16, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.4 February 5, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.3 January 30, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.2 January 7, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.1 January 7, 2015 Bug fix release
0.2.0 January 6, 2015 New beta release


Version 0.2.7  

Bug fixes

  • Updated Mapbox. This should fix crashes on the map.
  • Various minor and random crashes fix.



Version 0.2.6  


  • Upgrade DJI SDK to 1.0.6
  • Upgrade Mapbox SDK to 0.7.2
  • Improved Mission Manager:
    • Missions synchronization to the phone can be aborted after flight and resynchronized later.
    • More reliable upload to your Pix4D User Account: projects can only be uploaded if all the images are synchronized on the device.
  • Improved Quick 3D Feedback on the Cloud:
    • Improved feedback of the processing: mails are send when the processing is finished or when an issue occurred.



Version 0.2.5  


  • More stable connection to the drone.
  • Support for Android 5 Lollipop.
  • Upgrade to Mapbox 0.7.0.
  • Save image orientation in the .p4d project file.
  • Upgrade DJI SDK.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where the drone was not well disconnected when leaving the App.
  • Various minor bug fixes.



Version 0.2.4  

 Bug fixes

  • Correct map overlay drawing order (upgrade to Mapbox 0.6.0).
  • Fix issues where opening the ground station whould fail (upgrade DJI SDK to 1.0.4+beta).
  • Fix erroneous error message at upload end "Error finalizing the upload."
  • Fix various crashes related to connection/disconnection from drone.



Version 0.2.3  
  • Display loss of connection to the drone during the flight.
    • The map pulses slowly if there is no Wi-Fi connection.
    • The Wi-Fi icon in the action bar is green until a connection loss, red when connection is lost and orange when connection is re-established.
    • The drone path on the map is displayed as a red dotted line in regions with no Wi-Fi connection.
  • Allow to logout.
  • Allow to delete missions in the mission manager (long press on a mission to start selection).
  • The output folder can be set in the preferences. The external SD card can be selected such that the images and project files are directly written there.
  • More checks are performed before takeoff.

Bug fixes

  • Various bug fixes to improve the stability.



Version 0.2.2  


  • Update DJI Android SDK to Version 1.0.2, this should considerably improve the stability of the application.

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where the Free Flight parameters from settings where not used.



Version 0.2.1  

Bug fixes

  • Fix crash when selecting camera gimbal angle in settings.
  • Fix links to documentation websites.



Version 0.2.0  

What is new

  • Free Flight Mission
    A Free Flight Mission allows to fly yourself the drone while images are automatically captured by the application. For example, this is usefull to acquire images around objects such as buildings. For more information: 203081219.
  • Takeoff checklist
    A new takeoff check list dialog appears before takingoff.
  • Mission Manager
    New Mission Manager that allows to easily browse, upload and share missions.
  • Better integration with Pix4Dmapper
    Better integration with Pix4Dmapper to easily create maps after image acquisition by creating a Pix4Dmapper Discovery account direcly from Pix4Dmapper Capture.


  • Set the angle for the Grid Mission
    Set the angle for the Grid Mission in the preferences.
  • Map View caches tiles on disk (100 MB)
    The Map View caches now tiles on disk (100 MB), which allows to plan the mission before going to the field.
  • Various stability improvements



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