Pix4Dmapper 1.3 (beta) Technical Release Notes

Version Release date Release type
1.3.47 January 19, 2015 Bug fix beta
1.3.39 December 26, 2014 Bug fix beta
1.3.38 December 23, 2014 First Beta

Version 1.3.47 (BETA)


  • Processing failed report, to help analyzing the cause of initial processing failure.

Bug fixes

  •   Various bug fixes and crash fixes in
    • Initial Processing
    • rayCloud

Version 1.3.39 (BETA)

Bug fixes

  • Fix installer inssues with missing dlls when moving from 1.2 to 1.3 installation.

Version 1.3.38 (BETA)

This is the first beta release of the new update of Pix4Dmapper. Get a preview of the new features and help us improving the product by reporting to us any issues at support@pix4d.com

Disclaimer: the documentation is not yet ready for 1.3 Beta, and we do not recommend to use the Beta for production work.

New Features and improvements:

  • GPU support (Nvidia CUDA) and improved processing speed.
    If the software detects that you have a Nvidia CUDA graphic card with at least 2GB of RAM, it will use it in various steps of the processing. General speed improvements speed up the processing up to 2 times with respect to 1.2 !

  • Generate Textured 3D Mesh (obj, ply, 3Dpdf)
    A visually stunning, lightweight, full 3D triangle mesh model is now generated by default after the point cloud. This model can be visualized inside of the rayCloud as well as exported as a 3D PDF or uploaded to a cloud visualization service.

  • New color and brightness adjustment for improved orthomosaic quality
    The new algorithms improve the orthmosaic in case of change of illumination such as moving clouds, as well as generally improving the overall contrast

  • New point cloud annotation and classification tools
    The points can now be selected with a polygonal tool, and a new clipping box allows to have a better control over the selection. In addition, each selection can be assigned to a group. For example, this allows to quickly and easily clean up the results of the object/terrain classifier to produce perfects DTM.

  • Much more!
    faster project loading, improved accuracy, stability and quality of each results, more camera supported
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