Reflectance map vs orthomosaic

Both the reflectance map and orthomosaic are obtained from the DSM and are corrected for perspective. For both of these maps, the value of each pixel is obtained as a weighted average of the pixels in the original images that correspond to this particular pixel. 

  • For the orthomosaic, color balancing will also be applied. This means that Pix4Dmapper will try to adjust the intensity of the colors in each image so that the images fit better together. To goal of this operation is to produce a more visually pleasing result.

  • For the reflectance map, no color balancing will be applied. The weight of every pixel (from the original images) in the weighted average is also computed differently. The goal is to produce a map where the value of each pixel faithfully indicates the reflectance of the object. For more information: Radiometric corrections

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