Reflectance map vs orthomosaic


Both the reflectance map and orthomosaic are obtained from the DSM and are corrected for perspective. For both of these maps, the value of each pixel is obtained as a weighted average of the pixels in the original images that correspond to this particular pixel. 

  • For the orthomosaic, color balancing will also be applied. This means that Pix4Dmapper will try to adjust the intensity of the colors in each image so that the images fit better together. The goal of this operation is to produce a more visually pleasing result.

  • For the reflectance map, no color balancing will be applied. The weight of every pixel (from the original images) in the weighted average is also computed differently. The goal is to produce a map where the value of each pixel faithfully indicates the reflectance of the object. For more information: Radiometric corrections

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  • Inovagro Consultoria

    Good Morning. I am having several problems to generate reflectance from our maps. In the first works with previous versions of pix we were able to generate orthoosaic and reflectance maps without problems. Our work is currently going on in larger areas and this has caused a lot of inconvenience. We work with projects of 1000 images and the pix when it comes to generating reflectance closes. What can be our problems? Another problem: We work in the area of ​​agriculture and we fly the soybean culture, our mosaics are not having a good density of points where the field is very green, thus being displacements in the image and or holes in the mosaic. Can you help us? We have already made several changes in our processing, but without positive results.

  • Zendesk Admin Service Account


    "projects of 1000 images and the pix when it comes to generating reflectance closes" This could be related to hardware limitations: Pix4Dmapper System requirements: Minimum and recommended computer specifications

    I suggest you create a new Community post providing more information about your projects such as the project quality report and log file, some screenshots describing the issue, your hardware specifications. This will help us understand better the case and assist you in the best way. 

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