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Some areas of the DSM have a lot of noise. Instead of representing correctly the area, the DSM has rough distortions / noise.



The Densified Point Cloud and consequently the DSM, which is created based on this, has a lot of noise on specific areas. 

Figure 1. Noise on the DSM.



This error comes from processing images with different light conditions. These images have different shades that confuse the algorithm and create noise.

bad_DSM_shades1.jpg bad_DSM_shades2.jpg
Shadow No Shadow
Figure 2. Different light condition between images.



In order to solve the issue, both the flight conditions and the processing need to be taken into consideration:

  • During flight: Try to fly with the same lighting conditions as much as possible, same hour of the day, same sun direction, same weather conditions etc.
  • During processing:
bad_DSM.jpg bad_DSM_mtp.jpg
Before adding Manual Tie Points After adding Manual Tie Points
Figure 3. Improvement of the DSM after adding Manual Tie Points.


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