Images and/or GCPs are not positioned correctly on the Map View


Images and/or GCPs do not lay at the correct position on the 2D Map.



When importing in a project:

  • Images with geolocation (known coordinates).
  • GCPs (points with known coordinates).

They should be displayed more or less in the right position on the 2D Map, but they do not.
For more information about the 2D Map: 202557979.



The possible causes are:

  • The image and/or GCP input coordinates are not correct.
  • The image and/or GCP selected coordinate system are not correct.



Depending on the cause of the problem, the solutions are:

  •  The image and/or GCP input coordinates are not correct:

1. Check that the coordinates are correct.
2. Check that the image geolocation file and/or the GCP georeference file has been correctly imported. For more information about the:

- Image geolocation file: 202558539.
- GCP georeference file: 202558539.

  •  The selected image and/or GCP coordinate system are not correct:

1. Check that the correct coordinate system has been selected. For more information about the:

- Images coordinate system: 202560029.
- GCPs coordinate system: 202560029.

Note: Some coordinate systems can appear twice in the database with exactly the same name for the Datum and Coordinate System. One of them might be deprecated which might be the cause of the incorrect position.

To check if a coordinate system is deprecated:
To obtain or create a .prj coordinate system syntax file: 202559979.

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