How to process Images with 4 or more Bands

Pix4Dmapper can process images with more than 4 bands:

  1. Create a new project following: 202557399.
  2. In Step 2. Creating a Project > 3. Configuring the Image Properties, select Edit... in the section Selected Camera Model: 202557729.
  3. In the Edit Camera Model window, select Edit... in the section Camera Model Bands202558159.
  4. The band weights are used during the first step of processing for keypoint extraction.
    Example: NIR = 0.7, Green = 0.2, Red = 0.09, Blue = 0.01.
    Set one weight per band making sure the sum is 1. In general, the band value is something to experiment with and it is hard to tell what are the correct weight values. It is recommended to assign a high weight to bands with more contrast. For more information: 206726203.
  5. On Edit Camera Model, click Save to DB (the icon user.png is displayed with the camera model name) and click OK.
  6. Process the project.
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