How to geolocate Images using a Flytrex Flight Logger

Flytrex generates an .fvp file with GPS information of flight points but does not associated them with images. The .fvp file should be converted to a .gpx file that is compatible with GeoSetter.

In order to geolocate images using a Flytrex flight logger:

1. Convert the Flytrex fpv flight log to GPX format following the instructions here How to convert a Flytrex fpv File to GPX using GPSBabel.
2. Geolocate the images using the GPX file created following the instructions here How to geolocate Images using a GPX File with GeoSetter.


Disclaimer: Pix4D publishes this information as a courtesy to its customers. Because this information may not be accurate, Pix4D makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with respect to its validity.

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