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In some circumstances, it might be needed to display an external point cloud, for example for comparison purposes. PIX4Dmapper can display an external point cloud for visualization.
To use the external Point Cloud for processing please switch to this other article: How to import a Point Cloud delivered by an External Source into PIX4Dmapper.

  • Before proceeding with the import of the point cloud, you need to create a project and process Step 1. Initial Processing.
  • The imported point cloud cannot be used for measurements and further processing (3D textured mesh generation, step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index) and cannot be edited using the rayCloud. It will only be displayed in the rayCloud for visualization purposes.
  • The Point Cloud has to be in one of these formats: .ply, .xyz, .las or .laz.
  • To open a georeferenced .las or .laz Point Cloud, the project needs to have a known coordinate system, not an arbitrary one.
  • The .ply, .xyz, and non georeferenced .las and .laz Point Clouds need to be centered around zero and have the same units as the project.

To visualize an external Point Cloud in the rayCloud:

1. Open the project.
2. On the Menu bar, click View > rayCloud.
3. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the external Point Cloud.
4. Drag and drop the Point Cloud file into the left sidebar, in the section Layers, in the layer Point Clouds.

  • DO NOT drag and drop the Point Cloud while a project is processing: Processing may stop.
  • DO NOT use PIX4Dmapper as an administrator.

For more information about the layer Point CloudsMenu View > rayCloud > Left sidebar > Layers > Point Clouds .


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  • Tha nhcp


    I'm using Pix4Dmapper trial. I have followed the steps as the above article. But I don't see where external point cloud that I have imported (.las format and same coordinate with point cloud in Pix4D). I run only step3 then but the DSM results are not generated from an external point cloud. Could you help me, it is nice if that is a video tutorial? 

    Thanks so much


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    Gaël (Pix4D)

    Hi Thanh,

    My colleague Beata answered your questions on this community thread. 
    Hope it will solve your issue. If not, don't hesitate to continue the conversation on the community.


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