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Pix4D offers free 15-day trial licenses for PIX4Dmapper. It is necessary to fill out the form to request a license. Please provide a business email address and a reason for requesting a trial license.

Important: Automatic 15-day trials are no longer available.

To get a trial of PIX4Dmapper:

  1. Create a Pix4D user account following the steps: Sign up.
  2. Visit this page, click Request a trial and fill in the form
  3. Requests from corporate email accounts will get a trial.
  4. Requests from non-corporate email will be routed to our sales team. The decision can take up to 15 days.
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  • Kklkk Hikjgf

    Hello, pls i dont know why pix4dmapper trial version is not on my account. I have tried it several time but it was not show on my account. Pls help

    my account:

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    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Kklkk Hikjgf,

    Please contact our Sales Department. They'll help you. ;-)

    Best regards,

  • Tobias School

    Hello Team Pix4d,


    i installed the trial version some time ago, but not all steps of processing seem to work. The third substep, DSM,Orthomosaic and index) remains grey, with makes it impossible for me to run that step.


    My e-mail:

    Please help

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    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Tobias School,

    If Step 3 is grey out, that would indicate either:
    - you are logged into Pix4D Discovery Mode instead into your license,
    Solution: Log out and log in again, choosing the right license (Pix4Dmapper trial in your case)
    - or you opened a project that was initially created in the Discovery Mode. 
    Solution: You have to create this project from scratch using the Pix4Dmapper full license version, trial or any other paid license.


  • 동완 조


    I want to try Pix4d but I have this error: Error e0706h: Could not acquire the license. Contact support.

    My e-mail: 

    Edited by 동완 조
  • Nikoleta (Pix4D)

    Hi 동완 조

    we can offer a trial license for our Pix4D products for a limited time and we have been notified that you have requested multiple trial licenses using other Pix4D accounts in the past. We understand that you would like to learn more, so we ask you to consider taking advantage of Pix4Ddiscovery or a 30-day rental to one of our products. For more information about licensing, visit Pix4D Store or contact our Sales team.

    Best regards,

    Edited by Nikoleta (Pix4D)
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