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Pix4D offers free 15-day trial licenses for PIX4Dmapper. It is necessary to fill out the form to request a license. Please provide a business email address and a reason for requesting a trial license.

Important: Automatic 15-day trials are no longer available.

To get a trial of PIX4Dmapper:

  1. Create a Pix4D user account following the steps: Sign up.
  2. Visit this page, click Request a trial and fill in the form
  3. Requests from corporate email accounts will get a trial.
  4. Requests from non-corporate email will be routed to our sales team. The decision can take up to 15 days.
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  • ankit patil

    Hello team pix4d,

    We want try a pix4d desktop software to understand the workflow, we had tried your steps, by clicking on ‘click for trial button’ it’s directing to pricing page. Can you help for this. how to get a trial???

  • rikudo noldy

    Hello Team Pix4D, 


    i want to try a pix4d with another laptop, but it got disable, can you help me to unlock my trial, i still have 12 days,,.


    Thank you...

    Warm Regards..

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Rikudo,

    Please contact our sales team through this page. They will take care of your case.


    Edited by Marco (Pix4D)



  • Mario Jose Perez

    Can I export 3d files (.FBX, .OBJ, .DXF, etc.) with the trail version? if so, I'm having trouble activating my trail, when I try doing so fallowing the steps shown here it redirects me to pricing page.

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)


    Hola Ivan,

    En caso de que no pueda activar una versión de prueba de Pix4Dmapper, comuníquese con nuestro Departamento de Ventas a través de este formulario de contacto.
    Lo sentimos por los inconvenientes ocasionados


    Hi Mario,
    In case you are not able to activate a trial version of Pix4Dmapper, please contact Sales Department via this contact form.

    There is no limitation regarding the exportable outputs with the trial version.

  • Lindy Phan

    Hi, I would like to ask how many times can we use free trial version of Pix4Dmapper on the same laptop?

    I have been using the free trial version for a few times and extended trial 10 days but recently I activated a new account for a free trial again but it no longer generates orthomosaic maps?

    Please help, Thank You

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Lindy,

    Trial license should be used only once on a computer with one user account and can be extended once.
    If we detect trial abuse for the same computer, we will block it.
    If you want to use our software, I strongly encourage you to contact our sales department and ask for an offer.

    If step 3 is disabled, it means that you are logged with your discovery license or you trial license is over or disabled.


  • abhinov dutta


    i am not receiving the trial license after installing pix4d desktop and activating my account.


    Please Help, Thank You

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Abhinov,

    Please contact our Sales Department, they will take care of activating your trial licence:

    Enjoy our software!

  • abhinov dutta

    I contacted the sales but i am not getting any response yet.

  • Kapil (Pix4D)

    Hi Abhinov, 

    Please give some time to reply back to you. If they don't respond back to you within 2-3 days, could you again write to them?

  • abhinov dutta

    Its been 3 days and i didn't got any reply yet from your sales team.

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Abhinov,

    Sorry for the delay. Your trial license is now active and you should be able to use Pix4Dmapper.

    I recommend you to read our articles on our support page if you want to know how to use at the best our software:

    Enjoy our software!

  • abhinov dutta

    Yes thank you so much Marco..

  • Lester Kemp

    I have signed up with an account - but don’t plan to use the 14 day free trial as yet (but I see that it has already started counting down the days even though I haven’t used it!). Is there any chance of re-setting it back to 14 days and only counting down once I decide to actually use the software?

  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Lester,

    As mentioned in the first point of this page:
    A 15 days Trial license is automatically created under the account."

    Meaning that your trial period has already started cannot be differed.
    However this trial period can be extended on demand.

    Sorry about that.

  • karthi keyan

    Hi ,

    I'm new to pix4d. Today 09.03.20, I activated account. I planned to learn through trial license. It showed 15 days free trial. 

    But once i click, always redirecting to pricing page.How to get activated. Kindly support.



  • Avatar
    Marco (Pix4D)

    Dear karthi keyan,

    Could you please reach out our Sales team to activate your trial?

    Thank you.




    Es la primera vez que uso pix4d, lo descargue para usar la versión de prueba sin embargo tengo una versión llamada Pix4Ddiscovery, la cual no me permite exportar el producto. Según lo visto en este blog, trata de activarla pero al redirigirme en "Click for trial" me sale lo siguiente:

    ¿Podría por favor obtener ayuda?. 


    Muchas gracias.

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    Marco (Pix4D)
  • Alex Macdonald-Smith



    I just started using my 15-day free trial today, I only need it for a couple of hours. But about half an hour after I signed up, my 15-day trial disappeared and now I can't access Mapper, only discovery! What's going on?


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    Marco (Pix4D)

    Hi Alex,

    Unfortunately, we can offer a trial license for our Pix4D products for a limited time and we have been notified that you have requested multiple trial licenses using other Pix4D accounts in the past.

    We understand that you would like to learn more, so we ask you to consider taking advantage of Pix4Ddiscovery or a 30-day rental to one of our products. Please keep in mind that each Pix4D license is a floating license, which allows you to activate Pix4D desktop application on as many devices as the number of seats included with your license. For more information about licensing, please visit Pix4D Store or contact our Sales team.


  • Alex Macdonald-Smith

    Hi Marco,


    The only feature in Pix4D that I need access to right now is the index generator in Mapper, just to view and screenshot a project that I did years ago for a case study.
    I don't suspect it would be reasonable to pay a license fee for work I've already done...

    I only need it for today, is there any way you can allow it for today?

  • Wojciech Bartminski

    Is it possible to process Orthomosaic using trial version?

    In my case program shows "not available with this edition".

    Thank You for the response

  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)


    Yes. The trial version it's a full version of Pix4Dmapper just for a limited time - 15 days. 

    Probably, you have chosen Pix4Dmapper Discovery Mode instead of the right license

    Please log out for the software and log in again, choosing the right solution. Learn more in How to log in Pix4Dmapper


  • Tom Ran

    With the Pix4D Mapper trial, are you limited with the exports?  I would be looking to export a .las and orthomosaic

  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)

    Hi Tom,

    No, with the Pix4Dmapper Trial license exports are unlimited :-)

  • Rafal Nadir


    I want to try Pix4d but I have this error:

    Error e0706h: Could not acquire the license. Contact support.

    My e-mail:

    Please help.

  • Avatar
    Beata (Pix4D)


    Unfortunately, we can offer a trial license for Pix4Dmapper for a limited time and we have been notified that you have requested multiple trial licenses using other Pix4D accounts in the past. 

    We understand that you would like to learn more, so we ask you to consider taking advantage of Pix4Ddiscovery or a 30-day rental to Pix4Dmapper. 

    Please keep in mind that each Pix4Dmapper license is a floating license, which allows you to activate Pix4Dmapper desktop application on as many devices as the number of seats included with your license. 

    For more information about licensing to Pix4Dmapper, please visit Pix4D store or contact our Sales team.


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