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When processing images with different spectral signature (e.g. RGB and NIRGB) together in one project, the camera models may not be recognized correctly by Pix4Dmapper.

For more information: How to process Images with different Spectral Signature (RGB, NIRGB, etc).

To process a project with many spectral signatures, some of which are not detected correctly:

1. Create new projects, one per group of images with the same band configurations (e.g. 1 project for RGB and 1 project for NIRGB images). For step by step instructions about how to create a new project: Step 2. Creating a Project.
2. Edit the Camera Model Band Configurations for the projects for which the band configurations of the camera model were not detected correctly. For more information about the band configurations: Menu Project > Image Properties Editor... > Selected Camera Model > Edit Camera Model.
3. Save the projects without processing any step202557559.
4. Close the projects: Menu Project.
5. Create a new project merging the sub-projects: Merging projects. In this merged project the camera models will be correct and the images will be grouped correctly (one group per band configurations).

6. Process the project. For more information about how to process a project: Step 4. Processing.



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