How to edit a Processing Area in the rayCloud

Important: In order to edit a Processing Area in the rayCloud, step 1. Initial Processing has to be completed.
Note: Only one Processing Area can be drawn.

In order to edit a Processing Area with the rayCloud:

1. Open the rayCloud: on the Menu bar, click View > rayCloud.


2. Ensure that the Processing Area is displayed in the rayCloud: On the left sidebar, in the Layers section, ensure that Processing Area is selected.


3. Edit the area:

3.1. Click the Processing Area in the 3D View.


3.2. Click the vertex to edit (gray point) in the 3D View.


3.3. Click again the vertex to edit and drag and drop it to its new position in the 3D View.


3.4. A new Processing Area will be recalculated and displayed. 


4. (optional) Modify the thickness of the area in the right sidebar. In the Selection section, change the Maximum altitude and/or the Minimum altitude and click Apply.

Important: The Maximum Altitude should be higher than the Minimum Altitude.
Note: The Maximum Altitude and Minimum Altitude can be edited by:
  • Selecting the text box and:
    • Clicking Page Up/Page Down keys: Increase/Decrease the value by 10 units.
    • Clicking Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys: Increase/Decrease the value by 1 unit.
    • Clicking Up Arrow/Down Arrow text box buttons: Increase/Decrease the value by 1 unit.
    • Typing a new number in the text box.



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