How to edit the point cloud in the rayCloud


Editing the point cloud allows to clean the 3D model by reducing noise and improving the precision as well as the visual rendering. This impacts the outputs of Step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index.

Access: Available once step 2. Point Cloud and Mesh has been completed.

In order to edit the point cloud in the rayCloud:

1. On menu bar, click View > rayCloud.
2. If the densified point cloud is not loaded or displayed in the 3D view: In the section Layers on the left sidebar, select Point Clouds.
3. (optional) Visualize / hide the groups of the points to be edited: In the section Layers of the left sidebar, select / unselect the desired Point Groups.

Note: By default, all the points are Unclassified. When the point cloud classification has been performed, all the points are assigned in one of the predefined point groups. For more information: How to generate the point cloud classification.

4. In the toolbar, click Edit Densified Point Cloud in order to activate the editing mode.


5. The following pop-up message appears. Read it and click OK.


6.  By default  Add Points to Selection is selected. To select points, draw a polygon in the 3D View by using left mouse clicks. End the selection with a right-click. A red polygon highlighting the selected points is visible in the 3D View.


Drawing the rectangle Red rectangle marking the selecting points

7. (optional) To remove points from the selection: In the toolbar, click the arrow beside Add points to selection and select  Remove Points from Selection. In the 3D View, on an area highlighted in red, left-click to draw a polygon around the points that have to be removed from the selection. End the polygon with a right-click. The selected area is not highlighted in red color.
8. (optional) To clear the current selection: In the toolbar, click the arrow beside Select All and select Clear Selection.
9. (optional) To invert the selection (i.e to convert all the non-selected areas to selected areas and vice versa): In the toolbar, click the arrow beside Select All and click Invert Selection.
10. Once the points are selected: In the toolbar, click the arrow beside Unclassified and select the group to which the selected points will be assigned. In order to assign the points to a new group, click New Point Group. A pop-up appears, type the new point group name and click OK. The new group created is selected.
11. Click Assign.

  • When processing step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index, the points belonging to the group Disabled are not used.
  • If the DSM is generated before assigning points of the point cloud to the disabled point group, step 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index needs to be computed again to compute volumes based on the edited point cloud.

12. Exit the editing mode by clicking again the button Edit Densified Point Cloud in the toolbar.
13. In the menu bar, click Project > Save Project.
14. Export the new densified point cloud that was just edited. For more information: How to export the Point Cloud.


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  • Daniel Moller

    Hey, Martin Gryl, did you notice your selection mode is "remove from selection" (at the top bar, beside the button that enables you to edit the cloud).

    You want to "add points to selection", then chose "disabled" and "assign".


    In rare occasions, you may have a bug that only some points are selectable, then you go in the left panel, disable "point groups" entirely, then reenable it.

  • Martin Gryl

    I have tried so many things I cant get them highlighted red. 

  • Zendesk Admin Service Account

    Hi Martin, please send us a video showing your workflow so that we can better understand the case. You can either create a community post or send a personal support request if you own a Pix4Dmapper license with Support and Updates.

  • Dagmara Kowalska

    Hi, I have a question. In the video I can see the features of selection like "deleted"and others but I have a version of Pix4Dmapper (two-week for free) which doesn't have that feature. I'd like to delete some points but I don't know how. In the screenshot is shown what I mean.

  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi, You are right. Deleted is "Disabled" now. So any point you want to delete, you have to assign it to the disabled class. 

  • Paulina Biała


    If I exported my Point Cloud then the second step (Point Cloud and Mesh) is possible again? I mean I selected the points what I didn't want to have and I created a new point group, those points are there and I want to use the second step again, without the noise. 

    In the picture you can see the noise on the sculture's head. In order to reduce noise I've taken steps by creating the new group. But I don't know what to do next to generate a mesh again, without that noise on the head.

    And how can I delete the points in the backgroud?

  • Avatar
    Momtanu (Pix4D)

    Hi, If you process step 2 after the point cloud edit, everything will get overwritten. If you want the mesh after removing noise, you will need to save the project and then click on generate mesh (


  • Tyler Stevenson

    I am having issues when I try to draw my polygon, it does not start where I actually clicked for the polygon to start, and each click for the polygon after that is in a different place... Once I get a polygon around the points I am trying to edit, what actually turns red, is nowhere near where the polygon was around. Am I doing something wrong? 



  • Avatar
    Blaž (Pix4D)

    HI Tyler, 

    Are you using multiple screens by any chance? Did you try to customize your display so that the high resolution monitor is the main display? Using multiple displays can sometime offset the center of the project and can cause issues when navigating or vectorizing. 



    Hi there!!

    I want to know that can i edit my DTM manually in Pix4D to give me more accurate results.

    I have seen that automatic DTM generation didn't able to show actual ground even it does great job but i want more clarity. So is there any way i can manually edit DTM for further clarity.



  • Yuka (Pix4D)

    Hello Rohit,

    You can edit the point cloud, save the project and run again step 3 to improve the DTM. Please note that only the ground and road surface groups are used for the DTM generation. 

    Kind regards, 

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