Processing images from GoPro cameras

GoPro cameras can have pixel resolution of 12 MP, 7 MP, 5 MP. The 12 MP resolution has bigger distortions. Pix4D Desktop is able to manage these distortions. Thus, the images should be taken with the highest resolution (12 MP). This is because, higher pixel resolution leads to more points for the reconstruction.

In order to use GoPro HERO2, GoPro HERO3, GoPro HERO3+, GoPro HERO4, GoPro HERO Session, and other related GoPro cameras for processing with Pix4D Desktop:

1. Capture images with the highest possible image resolution. Check your camera's manual or contact GoPro to verify the highest possible image resolution for your camera.

Important: GoPro cameras are fisheye cameras. The images should be taken with the highest resolution. A higher pixel resolution leads to more points for the reconstruction. Never downgrade, edit, or modify the images. Fisheye images work very well for 3D modeling and do not need to be modified.

2. If you cannot trigger the camera based on distance, set up the image rate to take an image every n seconds using GoPro's photo time lapse:

n depends on the speed you move the camera:

      • For walking: n = 0.5 1 seconds
      • For flying with Phantom Vision: n = 1 2 seconds

3.  Ensure sufficient overlap (at least 80% for terrestrial imagery, and 60% for nadir UAV flights: for more information about recommended flight plans: 202557409).

4. Create a project and process the images following the step-by-step instructions: 202557359.


Pix4D Desktop can also process video frames obtained with the GoPro Hero4 Black.

In order to process frames from the GoPro Hero4 Black:

1. Acquire the video using the 4K resolution.
2. Create a new project importing the video captured. For step by step instructions: 205294735.
3. Ensure that the right camera model is selected: HERO4Black_0.0_3840x2160_4k_video. For more information on how to edit the camera model: 202560169.

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