How to run automatically projects one after the other using a batch script

Warning: This article does not refer to the newest version of Pix4Dengine Server 0.1.0 released in November 2018. To get access to the latest documentation please visit Pix4Dengine Server SDK.
Note: Command line has to be used with a Pix4Dmapper Enterprise Server License in a Linux and Windows environment.

In order to process automatically projects one after the other, it is needed to create a batch script:

  • The script uses by default the processing options stored in each project and generates the default files and formats of the software.
  • The user interface is not shown during processing. 

In order to create and run projects one after the other by using a batch script:

1. Open Notepad++ and create a new file.
2. On the Save As dialog select the folder where to store the script.
3. On File name enter runProjects.bat and on Save as type select Batch file (*.bat, *.cmd, *.nt).
4. Click Save.
5. Edit the file by adding the projects to be processed. Each project to be processed is defined by the following 3 lines:

echo RUNNING PROJECT <project_name>
"<pix4dmapper_path/pix4dmapper.bat>" -c -r "<project_file_path>"

<project_name> is the name of the project.
<pix4dmapper_path> is the full path where pix4dmapper.exe is installed (by default it is C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper). 
<project_file_path> is the path to the .p4d project file to process.

6. End the file with the following line:


7. Save the file and close it.
8. Double click on runProjects.bat to start the processing.

Note: For advanced users: More options can be used for processing. For more information: How to use the command line.
Example: Script to run two projects, project1 and project2:

echo RUNNING PROJECT project1
"C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper\pix4dmapper" -c -r "D:\Project1\project1.p4d"
echo RUNNING PROJECT project2
"C:\Program Files\Pix4Dmapper\pix4dmapper" -c -r "D:\Project2\project2.p4d"

An example file can be downloaded here.

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