How to set up the Proxy Server Configuration - PIX4Dmapper


This article explains how to set up the proxy server configuration in PIX4Dmapper.

If a proxy server is used to connect to the Internet, enter the proxy settings following:

 1. Open the Settings Proxy window by:

    • When logging in to the software: On the Pix4Dmapper Login window, click Proxy...
    • Anytime: On the Menu bar, click Help > Settings...

2. Click the drop-down box list No Proxy.

PIX4Dmapper proxy settings no proxy

3. Ask the organization's system or IT administrator which option to choose (Use Systems Settings, Socks5, Http). When not knowing which option to select, please choose Use Systems Settings.
4. Enter the proxy Host name and Port number when Socks5 or Http is selected. The Host name is usually an organization's domain. The Port number is usually 4-digit but not limited to 4-digit.
PIX4Dmapper proxy settings socks5 host port name

5. Enter the proxy Username and Password when Socks5 or Http is selected.
6. Click OK.


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