How to move a Pix4D Desktop license to another computer

Note: Your Pix4D license is a floating license, so you can log out of Pix4D Destkop on one computer and log in to Pix4D Desktop on another. You do not need to uninstall Pix4D Desktop to move your Pix4D license from one computer to another.

To move your Pix4D license from one computer to another: 

1. Log out of Pix4D Desktop on your current computer: 208469726.
2. Install Pix4D Desktop on your new computer: 202557299.
3. Launch Pix4D Desktop on your new computer and log in with Pix4D account: 207948656.

Important: Each Pix4D license includes a certain number of seats. Each license seat can activate a computer. Learn about the total number of license seats included with each Pix4D license: 202557939.


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