How to merge Orthomosaic Files with Global Mapper

When the area of interest is very big and the amount of data large, multiple Pix4Dmapper projects can be created for one area. To merge the orthomosaics that are generated from the multiple projects, you can use external GIS software like Global Mapper:

Important: The projects must be georeferenced with GCPs in order to have the same accurate georeference. For more information about the use of GCPs: 202557489.

In order to merge the different GeoTiff orthomosaic files in Global Mapper:

1. Open Global Mapper.
2. On the Menu bar, click File > Creat New Map Catalog.
3. On the Save As window that opens, choose where your new Global Mapper Project will be saved and click Save.
4. The Modify Map Catalog opens, click Add files to choose the files to merge.


5. A message appears informing you about how many maps have been added to the map catalog. Click OK.
6. On the Modify Map Catalog window, click OK.


7.The Modify Map Catalog window closes and the chosen files appear on the mail Global Mapper main window.  From the Menu, click File > Export > Export Raster Image Format, the Select Export Format window opens:


8. Select GeoTIFF and click OK.
9. On the GeoTIFF Export options window that opens, choose the following options:


Important: Choose the 24-bit RGB (Full Color, May Create Large Files) option if the images are 24-bit RGB.

For more information about how to merge the GeoTiff orthomosaic files in Quantum GIS: 202559539.



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